What We Do

Academics and industry can collaborate in areas such as research, teaching, valorization and consulting amongst others, but mostly focuses on cooperation in research.

Research collaboration occurs through multiple avenues including contract research, cooperative research projects, equipment sharing and in-kind resource provision, business services such as testing and certification, joint publications, joint supervision of theses, the provision of projects and data for student projects, industrial PhDs, industrial problem-solving and prototype development.

Furthermore, knowledge transfer to business can be made through commercialization avenues (patent, license or other forms of intellectual property) in return for a fee, or scientists can create spin-off companies and commercialize their knowledge/technology themselves in the market.


  1. Curriculum Development and CBET (Competency Based Education and Training) system.
  2. Infrastructure Development for Academic institutions.
  3. Academic Accreditation.
  4. Research and Development (R & D).
  5. Developing centers of Excellence