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Posted on 20 August, 2019 by Linda Mc'Odongo


  1. Be actively involved in career building workshops  

Most industries tend to be part of career building workshops, take this opportunity to showcase your innovative projects and skills to the industry. Through your participation they will see your potential, and some will go ahead to guide you on how to improve your project during the implementation process. Let your innovation solve the problems we are facing as a country and globally. Don’t doubt your idea no matter how simple it is. Remember implemented ideas are what move the world.

  1. Do a lot of research in your field of study

Check on the current trends and challenges in your field of study and how you can solve them. Reach out to different experts and note down their perceptions. This will give you a greater view that will help you take the right path through putting more effort in improving your career-related strengths.

  1. Create a LinkedIn account

While creating your LinkedIn account use your real name, email address and phone number. Add key words related to your career as these will make it easier for your profile to appear among the top list in the search engine. Kindly note your skills should stand out.

  1. Work on your attitude 

Start viewing life positively, this will help build your attitude. Most employers get attracted to your positive attitude. Be ready to be given different tasks not related to your course of study during your internship period like filing. Just be polite and do the work assigned to you. This will help build a strong relationship between you and the employer and give you a better understanding of what goes around in your work place.

  1. Think about different business ideas

Have a business idea and write down your business plan. Having a side hustle will help you venture into your dream world. Building a multi-billion shilling business takes time. Start with the little pocket money you are currently getting.

Keep it locked! Our next blog will be about different business ideas.

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