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July 2019

Industry-Academia Linkages

Posted on 30 July, 2019 by Linda Mc'Odongo

  A lot of research has been done on Industry-Academia linkages. The two parties are complaining about the skills gap and skills mismatch. Now that we know where the problem is how can we bring the two on board and find a permanent solution to this? LIWA is in the forefront of creating, institutionalizing and strengthening linkages between Industry and Academia. We have done these through creating the following Industry-Academia programmes: Apprenticeship Program...

Attachment / Internship Hustle.

Posted on 2 July, 2019 by Linda Mc'Odongo

Landing an attachment /Internship can be depressing being a course requirement in most higher learning institutions for students before graduating. Just like any other University/TVET student I thought getting an internship was just a hello away. The thought of going to the corporate world for the first time hit my mind riding me to my imaginary world of how I was going to be part of that great team, how I was going to  relate with the new cute faces and at least have a chance to...